Local and International Tax Advice

The major overhaul of the South African tax system that has occurred in the last seven years has presented tax advisors with substantial challengers.

We have preferred to view the changes as opportunities and not as obstacles.

Our tax advisory staff complement is an exciting mix of educated youth and experienced age who will apply their varied skills to providing you with excellent tax advise to suit your personal circumstances and estate plan.

Our staff are subject to regular continuing professional education, this education is provided by regular attendance of update course held by various professional bodies as well as renowned tax experts, and continued in-house training and education.

Tax Compliance for Individuals

With compliance becoming increasingly difficult most tax payers struggle to understand what is required of them. Our comprehensive services include the following:

  • Registration of individuals for income tax.
  • Completion of tax returns for individuals ranging from basic to complicated returns, including foreign income and local and foreign capital gains calculations.
  • Requests for extensions.
  • Review of assessments and the lodging of objections.
  • Provisional tax calculations and submissions.
  • Income tax advice so as to optimise your tax planning.
  • Voluntary disclosure programmes applications

With Sentinel you get expert tax advice and you don’t have to worry about changing tax legislation.

Trust Accounting and Taxation

Our specialist accountants and tax practitioners expertly handle all the accounting and tax responsibilities of the Trust and its beneficiaries.

Sentinel is able to prepare the annual financial statements of the Trust and file the necessary tax returns. We specialise in Trusts, and therefore our accountants fully comprehend the attribution rules as well as distributions to beneficiaries, and are therefore able to accurately record the decisions made by the Trustees in the Annual Financial Statements. Trust tax returns and the tax returns of the beneficiaries are synchronised to ensure the maximum tax efficiency.