Investment Strategy and Evaluation

Sentinel International’s fiduciary services in relation to the trusts where we act as trustees necessarily includes a commitment to the protection and growth of the wealth of our clients.

The Trust Deeds define our role which can typically include various and different assets classes and portfolios,

Together with our clients we:

  • Identify the family’s income and capital objectives;
  • Assist them to formulate an investment policy based on a sound asset allocation strategy.

Thereafter, we together with our clients, select expert proven investment managers.

As part of a continuing process we will review investment performance against benchmarks and ensure that our clients receive regular reports of their investments.

The duty of a trustee is to act as a prudent man of business in managing assets on behalf of beneficiaries which applies to all the assets held in the trust whatever the asset class or nature whether investment portfolios , property, businesses, art etc.

What is most essential is that the trustees, guided by the Trust Deed ensure that they employ experts to fulfill their mandate.

Sentinel International will provide an independent and holistic approach to ensure the objectives and responsibilities enshrined in the Trust Deed are undertaken with the best interests of the beneficiaries always top of mind.

Offshore Trust Services

As part of our holistic advice on planning and structuring, we can advise on the benefits and disadvantages of establishing an offshore trust, and suggest appropriate jurisdictions for specific needs.

Through our network of well-established relationships with various reputable Trust Companies and Service Providers in various jurisdictions, we are able to assist with having Trusts established in Switzerland, the Channel Islands, Mauritius, and many other countries.

Because of our strong relationships with many of these service providers, we are able to assist with the process of having the Trust established, and provide local support to the Settlor and beneficiaries of the Trust.

Sentinel can also act as the Protector of an offshore Trust, adding yet another layer of assurance to the Settlor and the beneficiaries involved of the Trust, if necessary.