Local Estate Planning

Our highly skilled and experienced estate planning consultants, legal advisors and fiduciary services experts can assist clients who require comprehensive tax and estate planning to maximize the value of their estates and to ensure an orderly and sensitive transfer of assets from one generation to the next. Through our comprehensive approach to estate planning, we ensure that your wealth is protected and preserved both during your lifetime and upon your death. At all times we take cognisance of the unique needs of the families of our clients.
We recommend that your estate plan be reviewed every two years to ensure that it is in line with your latest financial situation and also that it caters for any relevant changes in legislation that may be of detriment or benefit to your estate.

International Estate Planning

As a result of the globalisation of economies and the relaxation of exchange controls, many South Africans have diversified their investments geographically and accordingly must be assured of superior international service. In this rapidly shrinking world we believe that it is imperative for us to be equipped to provide clients with specialised international services. Sentinel has recognised this requirement and is able to provide clients with expert advice on international solutions and products, and has well-established relationships with various trusted and reliable service providers in jurisdictions such as Switzerland, Guernsey and Mauritius.